Huge fans of eighties B-movie horror, the kind that are so bad they’re good. Lee Brunskjill and Gary Hargreaves began making music together after seeing TROMA Movie ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die’. Researching the equipment used on the original sound track, the pair bought what they could within their budget and began making music. With the addition of Alan Laird on guitar and Billy James Mitchell on drums the band's sound began to evolve beyond its early post punk roots and soundtrack sensibilities, which were often compared to bands like Big Black, Bérurier Noir and Tromatism, and drift towards a more truculent punk rock sound, influenced by bands such as The Dwarves, Germs, TSOL, and Freeze whilst still using synthesizers to maintain the genuine eerie 80's horror-esque sound.
Within three months, they had a handful of songs and motivated by some encouraging words from the members of their favourite band The Dwarves, they quit their jobs, began growing weed using the profits to enrol on intensive music courses to gain entry into Leeds College Of Music.
The band were approached by a local record label but decided to self-release their debut single, wondering why they should hire a studio when they could build one instead. They dug a cellar under the living room of vocalist Lee’s house, kitted it out and set to work on their first 7’’ ‘Rich Kids Playground’.
The hugely positive reviews generated by their debut single and subsequent album ‘Def Elements’ meant Autopsy Boys soon gained an army of fans. Horror aficionados loved where the band were coming from lyrically and visually whilst others simply enjoyed their original sound and fresh approach to music.
To date, Autopsy Boys have released 3 singles, 2 full length albums and have shared the stage with bands such as The Dwarves, DOA, The Dickies and The Buzzcocks to name a few.
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